Live Events
Challenger / ATP Challenger New Delhi, India Men Singles
1st set
M Rifqi, Fitriadi - Vanshelboim, Eric
1st set
Sekulic, Philip - Takahashi, Yusuke
1st set
Echargui, Moez - Gill, Felix
ITF Women / ITF India 06A, Women Singles
2nd set
Yamazaki, Ikumi - Vemuri, Apurva
2nd set
Ozeki, Michika
- Banerjee, Yubarani
2nd set
Bhardwaj, Divya Harindra
- Bista, Abhilasha
2nd set
Viswanadh, Harshini
- Panwar, Yashaswini

Live Tennis Streams & Live Tennis Betting Odds Online

Live tennis betting is a great way to tune into the biggest tennis tournaments while backing your favourite players to win their matchups. Watch live streams of all the tennis matches for free at!

Also known as in-play betting, live betting is a form of sports betting that allows you to bet on the action when it’s already underway instead of sticking to pre-match wagers. is an online betting site that provides a wide array of live tennis betting options, ongoing promotions, and tennis betting strategies, making it easy to pick your winners as you watch the action live on the court for free on our platform. Learn more about how to watch live streams of your favourite sports for free online at Stake.

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Learn everything you need to know about in-play betting on tennis and how you can profit by backing your favourite tennis stars this season.

Major Tennis Tournaments, Tennis Matches, and Players

You will find markets for all of the biggest tennis tournaments at the Stake Sportsbook, including ATP and WTA events and competitions like the Davis Cup and the Olympic Games.

From the US Open and Australian Open to Roland Garros to Wimbledon , you can bet on tennis superstars like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as they look to add to their impressive haul of titles. And if you like betting on the women’s action, check out the Wimbledon women’s singles , plus the US , French and Aussie women’s singles events.

You can place live bets on individual matches from all major tournaments on the tennis calendar at, ensuring that you never miss out on any action.

In-play betting is the ideal complement to your pre-match wagers on tennis, helping you to identify value on your betting slip as you back your favourite tennis stars, available for WTP tournaments.

Live Stream Tennis & Bet Online

Whether you're keen to wager on the biggest head-to-head matches, or bet on the best female tennis players, you can do it all whilst watching our free live streams online. All you need to do is click on the 'Watch Live Stream' button next to each match, and the stream will start just before the event commences.

How to Bet on Live Tennis? is an online sportsbook that makes live betting on tennis easy. You can create an account at and deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice , choosing from the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, among others. Be sure to check for any going Stake sports betting promotions or special offers.

You can then explore our live tennis betting markets ahead of the biggest tennis tournaments and familiarise yourself with the options available.

Then, when the players take to the court, you can watch the action unfold and consider which tennis betting lines and markets represent the best value for money.

You can discover the different types of live tennis bets that you can place below as we introduce you to the range of live tennis lines that you can place at the Stake Sportsbook.

Types of Live Tennis Bets

  • Moneyline (Head-to-Head): The easiest live bet you can place on tennis markets is a moneyline (head-to-head) wager. Here, you simply back the player you think will win the match.

  • Correct score: Correct score live bets are popular in tennis, and you can place a wager on what you think the score will be in games, sets, or matches.

  • Handicap: A handicap live tennis bet sees the favourite start with a handicap, while the underdog begins with a head start. This is an excellent way of levelling the playing field when one player is better.

  • Over/Under: In tennis betting, over/under wagers refer to the total number of games played in a given match, enabling you to bet on whether the number of games will be higher or lower than the line set by the sportsbook.

  • Double result: A double result wager typically includes a combination of a player winning the first set and then going on to win the game, but various configurations are possible.

  • X set winner: A popular live tennis bet is one you can place on who you think will win a certain set. For instance, you can back a player to win the first or second set.

  • X set total games: Another totals bet, you can place a wager on how many games you think will be played in a specific set, be it six, eight, or ten, for instance.

  • 1st set correct score: This is another straightforward live tennis betting option, and you can bet on whether you think the first set will end 6-0, 6-1, or 6-4, for example.

  • Exact sets: Instead of betting on who you think will win specific locations or what the score will be, you can bet on the exact number of sets to be played in a game of tennis, which is another popular in-play betting option.

Live Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

Before getting involved in in-play betting on tennis, developing a betting strategy to inform your selections is a good idea. We've got a range of sports betting tips online , as well as the following tips that will help tennis fans make winning selections:

  • Do your research: Tennis players have their preferences, and some perform better than others at different tournaments and on different surfaces. For instance, check a player’s previous performances on grass before backing them at Wimbledon.

  • Consider form and injuries: Like all sportspeople, tennis players dip in and out of form, and you need to consider how well a player is performing in the lead-up to a big tournament. Rediscovering their form might take a while if a player has only recently returned from a bad injury.

  • Use statistics to help you: Statistics are an asset in live betting as they can help inform your selections. Look at how players typically perform in sets and when they are at their strongest, as it can help you make winning selections when taking advantage of live betting markets.

  • Broaden your horizons: While it’s tempting just to bet on the major tennis tournaments, consider broadening your horizons and bet on other events on the WTP calendar to boost your chances of winning. You will find a host of live betting markets available at Stake for tennis tournaments throughout the season.

Advantages of Live Tennis Betting

Whilst many keen tennis bettors like to place their bets on the upcoming tennis season , there are lots of advantages to live tennis betting, and it can be a fun and profitable way of following your much-loved tennis stars throughout the season:

  • You can wait to see how a player is performing before backing them, which is a great option if someone is slightly out of form or returning from injury.

  • There are many new and exciting markets to take advantage of in live tennis betting, which can perfectly supplement your pre-match wagers.

  • You can also respond to surprises in a tennis match to find value. For instance, if the favourite goes down to the underdog in the first set, you can back them to recover and win the match at great odds.

Learn more about the differences between live betting vs. pre-match betting and how to devise the best betting strategy to win at Stake.

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Why Bet on Live Tennis on Stake Sportsbook?

Placing in-play tennis bets at the Stake Sportsbook couldn’t be easier. Learn more with our tennis betting guide , as well as our ultimate guide to sports betting and get all the knowledge you need to place your bets!

You can access great value tennis odds and bet on a huge host of events on the WTP calendar throughout the regular season.

Live tennis betting is a great way to supplement your pre-match tennis betting slip and allows you to respond to the action as it plays out on the court before making your selections.