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Betting on Formula 1 2024 is a great way to make the most out of motor racing, as it allows you to back the fastest drivers ahead of race day.

Stake Sportsbook is a leading online betting site on which you can access the best race odds for all events on the Formula 1 2024 calendar, providing you with many options for betting on Formula 1.

Whether you fancy someone for a podium finish or want to back an individual race winner for the entire championship, we have the F1 betting option for you.

So, read on to find out everything you need as you watch the action unfold throughout the Formula 1 2024 season.

Formula 1 2024 Season: Schedule & Races

The 2024 Grand Prix gets underway at the end of February, with the first race of the calendar year slated for Bahrain.

There are 24 Grand Prix in 2024, one more than last season, with the year's final event scheduled for the iconic Abu Dhabi track in December.

Below is the complete schedule for the 2024 race season so you can plan your diary accordingly and develop an F1 betting strategy at

  • Round 1: 29 February – 02 March – Bahrain Grand Prix

  • Round 2: 07-09 March – Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

  • Round 3: 22-24 March – Australian Grand Prix

  • Round 4: 05-07 April – Japanese Grand Prix

  • Round 5: 19-21 April – Chinese Grand Prix

  • Round 6: 03-05 May – United States Grand Prix (Miami)

  • Round 7: 17-19 May – Italian Grand Prix

  • Round 8: 24-26 May – Monaco Grand Prix

  • Round 9: 07-09 June – Canadian Grand Prix

  • Round 10: 21-23 June – Spanish Grand Prix

  • Round 11: 28-30 June – Austrian Grand Prix

  • Round 12: 05-07 July – British Grand Prix

  • Round 13: 19-21 July – Hungarian Grand Prix

  • Round 14: 26-28 July – Belgian Grand Prix

  • Round 15: 23-25 August – Dutch Grand Prix

  • Round 16: 30 August – 01 September – Italian Grand Prix

  • Round 17: 13-15 September – Azerbaijan Grand Prix

  • Round 18: 20-22 September – Singapore Grand Prix

  • Round 19: 18-20 October – United States Grand Prix (Austin)

  • Round 20: 25-27 October – Mexico Grand Prix

  • Round 21: 01-03 November – Brazilian Grand Prix

  • Round 22: 21-23 November – United States Grand Prix (Las Vegas)

  • Round 23: 29 November – 01 December – Qatar Grand Prix

  • Round 24: 06-08 December – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Be sure to check out the odds ahead of the first race of the season when the drivers take to the track in Bahrain.

Max Verstappen is heavily favoured to make a winning start to the 2024 campaign, while his teammate Sergio Perez is likely to be his closest challenger. You can also bet on the team you think will win in Bahrain when the 2024 F1 season begins.

Also, the start of the season is the best time of the year to bet on F1 outright markets . You can bet on the driver you think will win the Championship and the winner of the Constructors Championship. We also offer various head-to-head markets throughout the season, including an exciting market between Ferrari drivers Leclerc and Sainz.

History of Formula 1

Formula 1 was officially launched in 1946, with the first race taking place in Turin, Italy. The success of the European Motor Racing Championships in the 1920s and 1930s was a post-war effort to improve the motor racing network around the world.

The first official world championship race took place at Silverstone in 1950 and was won by Giuseppe Farina of Alfa Romeo.

Things developed quickly in the 1970s and 1980s, and Formula 1 became a global sport, not just a European one. New safety rules were introduced in the 1990s following some high-profile fatal crashes, and F1 entered a new dawn.

From 1984 – 2004 drivers from the “Big Four” (McLaren, Williams, Renault, and Ferrari) won every World Championship, but things have changed in recent years with the emergence of Mercedes and other manufacturers.

Today, Formula 1 is the most popular competition in motor racing and is watched by motorsports enthusiasts and sports betting fans worldwide.

Formula 1 Drivers & Teams

Max Verstappen was the F1 champion in 2023, winning 19 races for an incredible Red Bull Racing Honda season. The only race not won by Red Bull Racing was the Singapore Grand Prix in September, where Carlos Sainz secured victory for Ferrari. Sergio Perez – Verstappen’s teammate – won in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan in 2023.

Red Bull Racing Honda is likely to dominate the podium again in 2024. But let’s take a closer look at the drivers and teams that will be competing this time around:

  • Mercedes: George Russell & Lewis Hamilton

  • Alpine: Esteban Ocon & Pierre Gasly

  • Haas F1: Kevin Magnussen & Nico Hulkenberg

  • Red Bull Racing: Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez

  • McLaren: Oscar Piastri & Lando Norris

  • Aston Martin: Lance Stroll & Fernando Alonso

  • RB: Daniel Ricciardo & Yuki Tsunoda

  • Ferrari: Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz

  • Stake F1 Team: Valtteri Bottas & Zhou Guanyu

  • Williams: Alexander Albon & Logan Sargeant

Our F1 Partnerships – Stake F1 Team Sauber

At, we’re proud to partner with many of the world’s biggest sportspeople, leagues, and events and are thrilled with our current F1 partnership with Sauber.

For the 2024 season, Sauber will be rebranded as Stake F1 Team, with drivers Valtteri Bottas & Zhou Guanyu hopefully driving us to victory this season.

We have secured a partnership with the Swiss racing team for the following two seasons after enjoying a successful partnership in 2023.

With supporting Bottas and Guanyu, we hope to help Sauber improve their ninth-place finish last season and are excited about the collaboration.

You can bet on our drivers and all other racers throughout the F1 2024 season at, where you will find the best racing odds for all Grand Prix events.

How to Bet on Formula 1 and Bet Types

There are several different ways to bet on Formula 1 2024, including:

  • Winner: The easiest way to bet on F1 is to pick the winner of an upcoming race. You can also place a futures bet on the outright winner of the F1 championship if you wish.

  • Top 3: If a driver finishes in the top 3 in a race, it’s a podium finish. You can back individual racers to finish in the top 3 if you can’t select an outright winner.

  • Top-scoring rookie: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have previously won the top-scoring rookie prize. This is a great bet to place on newcomers to the F1 circuit and allows you to invest in the progress of a fledgling racer.

  • To finish bottom: Rather than backing a racer to win the championship, you can place a bet on them to finish bottom of the pile in the end-of-season standings. You can also set a wager on which manufacturer you think will finish bottom of the league.

Live Betting Options for Formula 1

As well as making your pre-race selections, you can place several live bets after the race has started. Bet on things like whether a racer will finish on the podium or if you think they will end the race in the top six. The beauty of live F1 betting is that you can respond to the conditions and place bets based on how a driver has started the race.

Formula 1 Betting Odds and Payouts

Placing F1 bets at is easy, and you can get started by creating a free account. You can then load your account with the local currency or cryptocurrency of your choice and set your odds according to your preferences – in decimal form, fractions or in the American format. We also offer Hong Kong, Malaysian and Indonesian formats.

As a leading online sportsbook, you can benefit from instant payouts from your Stake account for all winning F1 bets, meaning you don’t need to wait an eternity to access your winnings.

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Formula 1 Betting Tips and Strategies

If you’re keen to get started with Formula 1 betting this season, use these tips to help you pick winners:

  • Always consider the conditions ahead of a Formula 1 race, as some drivers perform better in the rain than others.

  • The current form of a driver significantly impacts how well they’re likely to do in an upcoming race, so be sure to check how they’re currently driving before backing them.

  • It’s also helpful to look at how drivers typically perform at each race track. Some drivers have a great record at specific venues, so review their previous performances.

  • Refer to our expert Formula 1 betting picks and predictions to help you make the most informed bets.

  • Keep up to date with the latest predictions with our elite tips online , and take advantage of our latest betting promotions .